None of the Above

In February 1997, manuscript editors here at the University of Chicago Press posted the first “Chicago Style Q&A.”

To celebrate the Q&A’s twentieth anniversary, we’re introducing a brand-new category of answers called “Second Thoughts,” where we will occasionally clarify or correct answers from our archives. (We realize that as celebrations go, this is pretty nerdy, but that is just our way.)

When we revise an answer, we’ll append our correction to the original in addition to posting it in the “Second Thoughts” browsing category.

Our second thoughts are almost always prompted by e-mails from readers, so please keep them coming! Your comments keep us on our toes and are important to our planning for future editions of The Chicago Manual of Style

Just for fun (to make it a real party!), here’s one Q&A from the original 1997 “Chicago Style Q&A.” (Note that some styles have shifted slightly since then.)

Q. In a citation of a journal article, where do you put the title and editors’ names if it is a special issue? And roughly the same question: where do you put the title of a symposium and editors thereof if the symposium takes up only part of the journal issue?

A. If you can’t find an example in the CMOS, just put the information in a logical arrangement and make sure that similar entries in the book are styled the same way, e.g.:

Jones, John. 1992. “Rancid Parsley.” In New Species of Refrigerator Scum, ed. Bob Smith, a special edition of BioThrills Journal 75: 45–55.

A symposium that takes up part of a journal issue might be cited as though it were an article:

Williams, Joe, ed. 1980. “Symposium: Zamboni Repair in Your Home.” Entrepreneur 75: 32–99.

You could also begin with the title of the article:

“Symposium: Zamboni Repair in Your Home.” 1980. Ed. Joe Williams. Entrepreneur 75: 32–99.


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