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Q. I work for a Québec government department and we are trying to make our English websites consistent. Capitalization is a real problem. We had thought we should treat choices on menus like side heads and capitalize only the first word, but browsing through the Net, we find a lot of sites that capitalize all the important words in the menu choices in their sidebars. Do you have any advice on this point? The University of Chicago Press does NOT capitalize its menu ( ). Is that my answer?

A. Sentence-style capitalization is most often the appropriate choice, but make sure that the choice is a logical one. Note that we employ headline-style capitalization for the style categories listed in our frame-based menu on this Q&A site. We do so because each choice in that part of the menu corresponds exactly to the heading for the related document (in fact, these headings, wherever they appear, are generated from a single entry in a database).